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I coach, write and speak on health, food and wellbeing. Healthy lifestyle is my thing.

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Love notes


Kate has given me the grounding & support I needed to start 2016 with the right wellness mindset & create clarity on how I will achieve my goals. Kate is warm, intelligent, centred, wise & committed. I recommend Kate if you're looking for an uncomplicated, effective coaching support structure to get you on track.

Shalini Samuel, UNPRI Director, The Global Women’s Project

Working with Kate was wonderful. She really helped me assess my current health & energy levels & come up with a ‘can-do’ plan to turn things around. She was really supportive, open & encouraging & I felt safe sharing my thoughts. I already feel more energised & clear in my body & mind.

Jenna Black, Business Coach, Sydney AUS

Whilst meeting with Kate I had a fantastic time learning about healthy practical changes I could make to my lifestyle to reach my goals. I would highly recommend Kate as she is very passionate, knowledgeable and motivating.

Jessica Ruschen, Melbourne AUS