Health Coaching FAQ

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What is health &  wellness coaching?

Great question! Click here for a definition and description of a health & wellness coach.

What does health & wellness coaching look like? What should I expect?

You can expect open, friendly and honest discussions,  a warm and relaxed environment, and a completely confidential and non-judgemental environment.

Where does coaching take place?

Most sessions are conducted over Skype. Convenient, free and accessible from anywhere around the world, we will first start the session face to face and can either leave the cam on or switch it off after saying hello. This is how I conduct sessions with my clients living all around Australia (and overseas in future!). The alternative option when Skype may not be possible is coaching over the phone. The third option is that if you live in Melbourne within close proximity, coaching in person is a possibility. This form of coaching takes place in an informal style catch up, e.g. at a local cafe.

Are you qualified?

Yes indeed! I have a degree in Public Health and Health Promotion (majoring in nutrition) and three certifications in Wellness Coaching from Wellness Coaching Australia.

Are you experienced?

Yes. In addition to receiving a high level of practical skills training through my coaching qualifications, I have coached a range of women from all ages and stages. Take a look at what my clients have said about coaching with me.

What do I bring to my coaching sessions?

I suggest that clients bringing a pen and paper to take notes (I am an advocate of note taking, but it’s totally up to you). The most important thing to bring is an open mind… and a sense of excitement about your awesome healthy future!

What are your fees like?

My service costs are consciously right on par with industry standard, which also means you’re likely to find other coaches who charge a higher fee (as coaches are able to freely choose how much they charge).

I see there’s a 15 minute free call offered before committing to coaching. Is this going to be a pressured, salesy-type call where you will try to get me to buy something?

No! The aim of the complementary call is to get to know you, and for you to get to know me and get a feel for if we would make a good team. There is no pressure. If we get along and I think there’s good potential for us to work well together, I might get a little excited at that prospect! There’s nothing scary about it. If you are looking for support and guidance to improve your health, I’d love to have a chat (book here if you’d like to make a time).

How often are coaching sessions?

Once we’ve gotten to know each other and are happy to go ahead with coaching, we will sort out all the relevant details, including booking in our future coaching session times. Sessions take place weekly, fortnightly or monthly; it’s your choice and depends on the level of support and guidance you feel you need. Weekly sessions will naturally provide a higher level of support as we will be in contact more regularly, which some clients will feel they require.


As a client, it is expected that in order to get the most out of your sessions, you will

  • Be committed to and actively engaged in each session and the coaching process
  • Be on time for sessions
  • Be willing to be honest, explore and share (as much as you are comfortable to)

Let’s do this!

Head to 1-2-1 coaching  to take a look at coaching opportunities and to book in your complementary call! I look forward to speaking with you! 

Got a question not addressed here?

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