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On Friday 20th November, I attended the Inspired Women Business and Networking Day at the beautiful Cullen Hotel in Prahran. This day was a great reminder to get inspired regularly and to live your best life! I was fortunate enough to find myself with two tickets a week before the event and wasn’t too sure of what to expect from the day, but was pleasantly surprised.

In between cups of tea and meeting new people, we heard from nine interesting, unique women on a range of topics that inspired and informed.

Here are three topics or ideas that were discussed on the day that can be applied for all walks or areas of life. These three ideas particularly inspired me in a personal and professional sense, and I hope they do the same for you.


Authenticity is magnetic.

Marketing strategist Bianca Van Meeuwen quoted this gem on authenticity from Danielle LaPorte, and I believe it to be true, while also being a little scary or uncomfortable at times. Sometimes being who we are can be challenging; maybe there’s people in our lives that we don’t feel we can be fully ourselves around. Or maybe it’s a fear of rejection keeping you from being exactly who you are. At the end of the day, we need to be true to ourselves and not hide who we are, and then we will attract the people that are meant to be around us.


Just start.

That piece of work, that exercise class, that text book… You’re procrastinating, spending time on Facebook and watching videos on YouTube instead of just starting the task. Well, something you can do is make yourself get started by, well, just starting! Make that initial step; that could mean writing a few words down on the page, make that decision, make that call, put those runners on. One example, in the case of helping you eat a healthy snack in the afternoon,  could be getting healthy snacks out on the bench earlier in the day, so that they’re visually right in front of you when you feel peckish (rather than reaching for that cheeky snack in the pantry). I really liked the comment made by artist Brenda Mangalore, who spoke on this topic, about the feeling of overwhelm which we can feel from standing in front of a black canvas or blank page. So move past that stage by throwing something out there. You can always go back and edit from there!


Fun helps you function.

Liz Deanna spoke on the importance of fun in our lives, and as I consider myself a pretty practical person, the idea of fun helping me function better in daily life caught my attention! It sounds crazy, but sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in work and forget to have fun, not only outside of work but while we are working too. I also love a reminder that it’s not about working every day and night, but it’s about being effective when we work. Anyway, who wants to hang around a person who’s no fun?

It was brilliant to spend the day with like-minded people, learning and sharing stories and ideas. Sometimes it’s easy not to get out there and go do something new, like going to a new event with a brand new group of people, but when you make that step out, you just never know what good might come from it. Sometimes we just need to put on our shoes and get out the door.

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