Take time out to nurture and take care of yourself

I find it funny how we humans are. Sometimes we are so good at taking time out to nurture at take care of ourselves; we’ll get a good amount of sleep, balance our time between work and play, spend time with our loved ones, exercise… and then maybe one thing is added to our lives or our changes up a bit, and then we find ourselves putting ourselves through late nights, forgetting to exercise, and cutting down our time spent with friends and family so we can focus on whatever other priorities there are at the time. Maybe it’s just me, but I get the feeling I’m not the only one.

The past couple of weeks have been challenging, in a good way. There’s good things happening and time has flown. Another reminder to always be grateful and to remember how fortunate we really are in this beautiful country of ours.

Something that falls to the wayside when life gets more demanding is doing things that re-energise you, that refresh you and recharge your batteries. Can you think of one or two things that invigorate you? What is something that you could do this week to boost your energy and kickstart your week?

The beauty of this exercise is that it is what YOU enjoy, so it can be anything you like!

It could be…

Sitting in the sun with a cup of tea

A glass of wine and a couple of episodes of your favourite show (sounds good to me!)

Going for a long walk

Driving to the beach and watching the waves

Trying out a new recipe

Trying a new activity or class


Writing / Journalling  (loving this one at the moment)

As long as it re-energises you and gives you rest and relaxation time, go for it! Go for activities that will do you good in the long run. For example, sitting down watching TV for five hours while working my way through a block of chocolate is not going to make me feel great by the end of the night, or the next day!

Taking time out to take care of yourself, so you can be your best, in turn benefits those around you. So… You have full permission to enjoy yourself and treat yourself.

I’ve got some friends of mine who are fabulous at celebrating events and milestones, big or small. They will take the time to go and do something nice for themselves when they reached a goal. I love this!

So, when I accomplish a few of goals of mine this week, I’ve decided to treat myself to something different, something I haven’t done in YEARS… get my nails done!

Have you been working towards a goal recently? How can you make celebration a part of your life this week?

I’d be interested to find out what things you like to do to re-invigorate and energise. Let me know in the comment section below 🙂

I hope you have a lovely time in the coming week doing something you enjoy!

Kate x

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take care


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