Replacing not-so-good habits with healthy habits

Today, I’m feeling tired.

I want to lie down on the couch, not do the things that I should be doing, drink lots of coffee, eat ice-cream and blob about. But then I start thinking, well, I need to be the person that I represent! The person that runs a business….. in health & wellness coaching! Hmm… choices…

We always have a choice in the way we respond to situations in life. In terms of health, will we go down the not-so-good road, seeking energy in activities and foods that will ultimately leave us high and dry? Or, do we put energy into activities that will leave us feeling more refreshed and energetic in the long run?

Will I buy a bottle of water instead of a bottle of coke?

Will I spend some time preparing a healthy lunch rather grabbing a quick fix?

Will I eat a piece of fruit instead of a couple of biscuits at work?

Will I choose to do some exercise rather than spend a few hours in front of the TV?

Will I take the dog for a walk instead of surf the internet for an hour?

Will I give myself a 5 minute stretch break rather than power on working for the next couple of hours?

Healthy habits

A healthy breakfast. One healthy habit I’ve never had to   force myself to do!

We are bombarded with choices. Sometimes we seem to get a rush or a thrill from choosing the option that gives us the temporary good feelings, rather than the alternative, which probably serves us better in the long run.

One family member of mine tends to reach for the quick fix when hunger seems to suddenly strike, opting for cheese and biscuits for lunch. Yes, they are delicious. Yes, there’s probably some calcium there. But ultimately we need to put in the time to reap the best rewards. By spending time buying the right foods and preparing them, our body is going to thank us for the rich variety of nutrients we are providing it with. Think fresh and colourful when it comes to implementing foods into your diet, particularly getting in those veggies at lunch and dinner times.

Do you have a particular weakness you are working on? What could be your “healthier option”… your “healthy habit” swap?

I hope you have an amazing Christmas season and develop some healthy habits to get you through this silly season healthy & well. If you’re looking for guidance & support in your health, click here for info on wellness coaching with me! Kate x

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