Three surefire ways to get active + do exercise that is fun this summer

Here we are in a brand new year. I imagine you might have some ideas about things you’d like to achieve or particular things to tick off a check-list. Maybe one of those goals is around being more active?

Well, here are three sneaky ways to get moving and do exercise that is fun too, during the summer months. I’m all for a sneaky approach! (Wake me up for a run at 6am and I am not going to be jumping for joy, but schedule in an activity that I find fun, and at a reasonable time, and I’m your lady!)

Get a dog

Yeah, get a dog! No, don’t go buy one! You might have your own little furry friend. Otherwise, got a nice neighbour with a dog or a girlfriend not too far away with one? Maybe you’re neighbour has been extra nice and has helped you out in the past. We are taking that dog for a walk!

Scheduling exercise in and getting someone else involved can greatly help you in staying committed. You’ve got your excuse (the dog needs walking) and you’ve got some company, which could be your friend, partner, kid… or take this opportunity to go it alone and take along your earphones. Walk in the local area or head to the local dog beach for morning or evening walk, when the weather is cooler and the suns UV rays will be lower.

Try replacing the coffee catch-up for a walk instead. Or merge the two! You could plan a route where there’s a nice coffee shop at the end of the walk. Even better if you can get your fast walk on and get that heart pumping. Quick, that skinny latte has your name on it.

Book yourself in for a new class

January is a great time to find specials and offers at your local gym or health centre. You should be able to find some free classes, trials or special prices around. Check out the Mind Body app to see what health centres are near you and for deals happening. Plus, you could do that special class you’ve been meaning to try and tick it off your 2016 bucket list! Look at you go!

Also, this time of year is indeed ideal to try something new, like a yoga class on the beach or on a rooftop (yep, they exist now!). Book it in, have a new experience and maybe fall in love with a new kind of exercise. 

Mind Body app:

Catch a beautiful sunrise / sunset

Maybe you’re like me and you have a goal to get up and watch a beautiful sunrise this year. Well, this little dream is much more achievable in these warmer months with their later sunrises. You could book in a sunrise date, head to a beautiful scenic spot and incorporate a little (or big) hike into the adventure.

The other beautiful thing about summer is those lovely, warm nights. The beautiful pink sky hanging low and warm air make for a romantic evening power walk. If you live in a place like Melbourne, you’re never quite sure what the weather will do next. So, you might need to be flexible and jump at the opportunity when those gorgeous nights appear.


      Summer sunset delight

Scheduling in these activities and building in a sense of fun can really help you bring more activity and exercise into your week.

Leave a comment and let me know if you found these little strategies useful and  your fun summer exercise experiences below!

Ready to take action?

If you need guidance + support in achieving your health goals on a deeper level, check out my wellness coaching packages here. I’d love to help you get healthier and more energised, for this summer and beyond.

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