Boost your energy levels: Five areas to look at to increase + maintain your energy levels

How to boost your energy levels!


Yep, that’s a nutella donut. Which totally does NOT help you boost and maintain energy levels. The sad truth.

A health issue alot of you lovely ladies tell me you want to improve is your ENERGY LEVELS. It’s a standard theme that comes up with almost all of my clients.

Some find they have lots of energy in the mornings but run out of steam after a few hours of work. Others say they have lots of energy on the weekends but struggle on work days. Energy can be a complicated thing, and can be influenced by a variety of factors. 

Here’s five areas to look at to boost your energy levels and lead a more energised life.


I’m not going to ask you to get 8 hours sleep a night. But, I will suggest that you look at the quality of your sleep and the factors that can influence sleep quality.

Here’s a few questions to ask yourself. Is your room conducive to sleep? Do you find yourself waking up alot during the night or not being able to get comfortable? Is your bedroom quiet? Is it dark? A nice, cool temperature? What about your mattress? Many people can attest to the power of a good quality mattress!

Is it time you looked at creative ways to improve these elements?

Can you improve your rooms noise-cancelling through adding in a rug, a bed head or other materials to absorb sound? Are you able to make the room darker or use an eye mask? Can you utilise methods to ensure that your bedroom isn’t too hot by keeping your window open a touch or improving ventilation in other ways?

You might also look at whether you are drinking too much liquids right before bed and if that’s keeping you up during the night, as well as if you have a wind down bed routine that gets your mind ready to go to sleep.


Are you eating a healthy, hearty breakfast in the morning or are you getting stuck into work as soon as you can? Just because you start work earlier does not mean you’ll be working well or get more done.


Eating breakfast boosts your energy levels and kick-starts your metabolism for the day. Also, people who skip breakfast are more likely to snack throughout the day. If you want to maintain your energy levels throughout the day through the food you eat, start with eating a nutritious breakfast.

To find out more, the Better Health Channel has some great info for you here.


Have you noticed that when you work through your breaks, your head might start to hurt, your eyes are starting to squint and your brain is not functioning as well as it was a few hours ago?

I know many people who work through breaks. It’s their personal choice. Personally I enjoy my day much more and am likely to be more productive and be able to regulate my energy levels better when I take regular breaks.

There’s lots of ways you can implement breaks. Use a timer to alert you to take a break, for example.

How often should you take a break? It’s up to you. Once every 45 minutes, every hour or hour and a half are probably your best bet. Ideally you will be getting up and away from your desk for a couple of minutes each hour to give your eyes, brain and body a quick restorative time out.

Some ideas for effective breaks:

+ To give your eyes a good break, close your eyes and cover them with your hands, using the palms to apply super-light pressure and warmth

+ Look out into the distance and let your eyes wander

+ Get outside: fresh air, cool breeze and a moment to take a breath.


How many cups of coffee or tea do you drink in a day? 

Instead of telling you how many cups to drink each day, I’m simply going to prompt you to think about if you need to cut down. Everyone’s caffeine tolerance is different.


When I saw Dr Libby a few months back, she mentioned cutting out caffeine after 12pm so that it cannot mess with your sleep pattern. Personally, I’m a one-a-day coffee girl. In the afternoon I usually will have a green tea (don’t tell Dr Libby) but I wouldn’t mind cutting this out. However, it’s really not working yourself up about if you have a few cups of tea or coffee. It’s about being mindful and working out what works for you.

Test your reaction to caffeine. Do you feel like you’re caffeine intake is too high? 

It is important to drink water throughout the day and hydration can help with feeling awake and energised. Try tracking the amount of water you drink for a day to see if you’re meeting your 8 glasses of water a day.


I tend to eat quite regularly and because I prefer this, I like to eat smaller amounts at a time. This may or may not work for you, for a number of reasons, and if you have any health conditions it’s best to chat to your doctor about whether it would be suitable for you.

For more information, Harvard University posted some advice on eating to boost energy here.

These are five areas out of many that you could look at to boost and maintain good energy levels. Let me know if you’ve found this information useful below and which tip you’re going to look into! 

Kate x

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