Four daily healthy habits I can’t live without

Daily Healthy Habits I Can’t Live Without

daily healthy habits

We all have little habits or routines, some of them better for us than others. I used to run away from routine, thinking it was boring and uncreative to do the same thing each day. But now, I’ve realised how habits and routines can set us up to be more creative and enjoy each day as much as possible.

The Four Daily Healthy Habits I Can’t Live Without

There are plenty of ideas out there to help you incorporate good health and wellbeing into each day. Here are my top four daily must-dos that keep me happy and healthy.

  1. Stretching

Every morning, I do at least 10 minutes of basic stretching and a little yoga. It’s pretty amazing what a difference only a few minutes a day can make! I feel the difference the most when I’ve skipped a day or two and start to feel tight and bunched up.

I do super basic body stretches, particularly for my neck, back and legs. It gets the blood moving around. I also include a few really basic yoga moves that I’m fond of. You don’t need any equipment to have a good stretch, just a little space to move around.

I’ve been doing a similar stretching routine for many years, which I think I really got into during my uni days. It seems to help wakes me up and it’s really nice to move early in the morning before the day really starts.

Personally, I believe flexibility is really important, because it impacts on the way we move in doing basic, everyday tasks. In terms of health benefits, stretching and yoga increases blood flow and improves flexibility, as well as being a really nice way to start off the day as part of your morning routine.

  1. Coffee

After breakfast, I am so ready for my coffee!

I am not sure it’s even the caffeine hit that I love, I think it’s more the routine of making the coffee and slowly drinking it. For me it also is a soft transition from my morning routine and into work. My personal preference is a touch of skim milk and a sprinkle of cinnamon (I’d be interested to hear yours in the comments section!).

I’ve weaned myself from two coffees a day, but I do have one large, strong coffee each day which is probably equivalent! Like some other habits, it becomes a part of you. A ritual, a must-have. For me, a coffee symbolises the transition from easy morning into starting the working part of the day.

Did you know that coffee is actually a good source of antioxidants? That’s all the information I need to keep up this habit! It can also be a great drink before exercising to improve performance. Call me a coffee snob, I’ll happily embrace it.


  1. Productivity Diary

Each weekday, I write down how I’ve spent the bigger sections of my time that day. I work from home a lot and at first found it quite a challenge to go back over the day and identify where all my time had gone. It keeps me accountable and I can see where I’ve made progress.

To start your own, grab a notebook and get started! It’s a great record to look back on when it comes to important dates and milestones as well.

I write in this diary over the course of the day. While it may sound strange, when someone asks me what I’ve done that day, my brain occasionally goes blank, so it’s nice to be able to recall the big and little things!

I’ve continued using this tool as it helps me focus and spurs me on to get things done, so then I can write it in the diary!

I’d be interested to hear if you’ve tried something similar. What works well for you? What do you think about keeping a productivity diary?

  1. Thankful Journal

At the end of the day, I write down a few things that I’m thankful for. I find it’s so easy to forget the little things sometimes; it’s really nice to look back and remember those sweet little moments.

At the moment I’m writing down five things I’m thankful for daily. It could be something someone said, something I achieved, an event I went to… weaving it around thankfulness is much more interesting than just writing down how I spent my day. It gets more emotive rather than just writing down facts.

I have journalled in different ways over the years. As a teenager it was detailed, intense and random. Now, it’s based around nice things that happened that day; a compliment, or an act of kindness, or even just beautiful weather. I’ve always heard of the benefits of being thankful and writing down what you’re thankful for. It seems to get you thinking more positively. And when you’ve had a crap day, it’s about looking for that silver lining… that gem that was hidden within the day.

While I probably won’t do the Thankful Five activity every single day of my life, I’m sure that journaling in some way, shape or form will stick around. I want to remember the little things that get clouded by the bigger things in life.

This practice is meant to lower stress, increase a sense of calm, help you gain perspective and be more optimistic. If that isn’t enough reason to consider giving it a go, I’m not sure what is!


I hope these healthy habits inspire you to continue creating the healthy, happy lifestyle you want. Don’t be afraid of the word ‘routine’ or ‘habit’. Do what you love, do what you enjoy, and do it often!

Kate x

What habits do you do each day that make you feel happy and healthy? I’d love to hear about it – let me know in the comments below!

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