Healthy food, people on the streets and chocolate appreciation – an interview with Amber Magna

Healthy food, people on the streets and chocolate appreciation – an interview with Amber Magna

For this blog post, I’ve got something a little different for you! There’s a quick little video from me and then we are jumping into an interview with Amber Magna, who runs a charity called Feel Good Food Packs. (Read to the bottom for some more exciting news too!)

Healthy Food, People on the Streets and Chocolate Appreciation

I’ve recently gotten on board as a volunteer with Feel Good Food Packs as it’s something that really resonates with me. Nutritious foods + helping the homeless? I am totally on board. (Newbie vlogger warning!)

Q + A with Amber Magna


Tell us a little about yourself?

I live in Melbourne and love it because I’m a coffee addict. I also have a mild obsession with books. I can’t resist buying a new book even though I have approx. 13947472940 at home, unread. My biggest passion is making good nutrition accessible to everyone.

Tell us a little about your business?

Simply Eat is an online resource designed to take the mystery out of healthy eating, simplify nutrition and let people truly take control of their diet. Through free courses, simple tips and my signature online program, I hope to educate and empower people to create a diet that they LOVE, that also happens to make them feel pretty good.

Tell us a little about your core program that you offer?

The Simply Eat Program is ten weeks of super simple, but interesting and useful information that helps you to build the foundation of a nutritious diet. I never tell anyone what to eat, but I give you all of the information you need to make informed choices about what to add to your kitchen and what to throw out. The program is based on the four areas of nutrition that if you make consistent changes in, you’ll have a good chance of ending up with a great diet! It’s education that you can keep and implement for life.

Tell us about your non-profit organisation?

Feel Good Food Packs aims to make healthy eating more accessible by distributing packs of nutritious food to people experiencing homelessness and disadvantage. We also try to create long term change by providing free workshops and resources to people going through hardship who would like to learn about nutrition, basic cooking skills and budgeting for food.

Feel Good Food Packs is my passion project. I started it because I wanted to play my small part in sharing nutritious food with those who really need it – probably more than most people – but don’t often have access to it. It’s grown a lot more than I anticipated, but I’m loving the idea that we can grow even further and make a big difference in the community.

What is your philosophy on food?

Keep it simple. Eat what you love and love what you eat. All you have to do is make sure you’re eating real food – the rest will sort itself out!

What are your top 5 weekly supermarket staples?

Yoghurt, avocado, dark chocolate, bananas, sweet potato. Without fail!

What gives you energy and inspires you to be healthy and take care of your body / mind / soul?

This one is tough because I’m not one to get overly enthusiastic about taking care of myself! I think a lot of people are motivated by the fear of getting sick, or by the idea of creating this perfectly sculpted healthy body, but that isn’t my driving force.

I love to learn about the way we used to eat – traditional methods of making food and the role that food played in our culture and in our homes. That really inspires me and reminds me that food is not only a source of physical nourishment, but a tool for connection to the land, to other people and to ourselves. It’s so easy to forget, but it makes me want to eat really great food and reap the benefits!

What gets you up in the morning? 

The thought of a cup of really good coffee.

What motivates and drives you?

The feeling that I’m constantly on the other side of something great. If I keep moving forward, amazing and surprising things will happen (and they quite frequently do!).

What food could you eat every single day?

I could eat chocolate every single day. Actually, I do eat chocolate every single day!

What’s your favourite healthier dessert?

See above! I’m not talking Dairy Milk, though. I buy the dark stuff – 85% or above, minimal sugar and only a few whole ingredients.

How do you like to unwind and relax after a busy week?

I’d love to say something really interesting but it’s a glass of red wine, some dark chocolate and Netflix! Sorry!

Is there a particular area of your health or habit that you’re working on to improve at the moment?

Not stressing out about what I eat. They say you teach what you need to learn and it’s true. I’m a bit of a stress-head when it comes to food – I always have been, but I try really hard to break that habit. It’s difficult because I struggle with a few health issues, so there is always that underlying anxiety that what I’m about to eat might make my symptoms worse, but the stress of it all makes my symptoms worse anyway!

I try to learn about food from people who aren’t extreme and don’t try to induce guilt or make me feel that if I eat sugar, I’m going to die. There are so many of those people out there that they’re hard to avoid, but it’s important to filter who you accept information from. I listen to people I trust, who I know are educated and not just trying to cash in on the massive growth of the health industry. I try to help people to remember that you get to choose who you listen to! You’re the authority on you.

You can find Amber at
Want to find out more about Feel Good Food Packs? Head to

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