Balance Your Life: Three Tips to Help You Achieve Consistent Balance for the Long Term

Balance Your Life: Three Tips to Help You Achieve Consistent Balance for the Long Term


Creating a work life balance is an art and a science in itself.

One week you work more and socialise less. The next you sleep more and exercise less. I love structure (after many years of avoiding it) and this is a topic that I can’t get enough of. Probably because in itself, balance is practically impossible. But moreover, our lives are always in a state of change, and we need to go along for the ride. If we didn’t, we would stagnate and probably miss out on a lot of great opportunities in life.

So here’s to the pursuit of balance in life; may we all do what we can, when we can, to move closer towards it, while always keeping in mind that perfection is never the end goal.

Three tips to help you achieve consistent balance for the long term

Work, home, family, friends, commitments, exercise, study, cook dinner, sleep, do the errands, relax… but then get everything done at the same time… Hmm. Something is wrong with this picture. Society tells us to do it all, but do it effortlessly. Let’s get real. There are times when we need to rest and recharge, and there are times when we need to get our butt into gear and get some things done!
Sometimes we feel “balanced” and other times we know we need more sleep, exercise, or whatever it may be. The idea behind creating balance is to get to a place where you are being effective; we have energy, we are being productive and we are enjoying ourselves. So how to we work towards achieving better balance, and maintaining it?
Here are three tips to help you move towards a sense of balance in your life, and achieve it on a more consistent basis.
  1. Change your mindset on balance

We cannot do it all. Whether you are a mother of five running a business or a single woman going to uni, we all have demands and choices to make. Sometimes we have to push things forward to the next week. I promise, your life won’t fall apart as a result.

Have you got a healthy understanding of balance? What does balance mean to you? Does it mean juggling ALL your work commitments and ALL your social commitments and ALL your other commitments at the same time?

In order to achieve balance, we sometimes need to have the ability say NO some requests that come our way.  Do you have trouble saying no to events you don’t even want to go to?

In order to create space for our most important areas of life, it’s likely that some other areas may have to take a smaller position in our lives. (Now I’m thinking about how much time I spend on Facebook!)

  1. Plan it and book it in

I don’t know about you, but my iPhone calendar contains every event and thing I need and want to do. Do you plan your week, or do you just wing it and see how it goes? Sure, that can absolutely work. But if we are not careful, our lives can easily become about pleasing others rather than doing what is best for us.

Do you book in rest time? Do you book in a quiet night in each week?  Do you arrange to see your closest friend or just wait and see what happens?

Personally, I can say with 100% confidence that if I do not plan the different areas of my life, my week will NOT end up feeling balanced and I will probably get to the end of the week tired and a little bored. Tired because I probably ended up working too much, and bored because I haven’t spent enough time with my loved ones because I felt I was too busy to see them, or I just didn’t get around to organising anything.

What works best for you? Do you find planning all the important areas of your life helps you create a balanced lifestyle? What is the one area that you never get around to doing, that could bring more balance into your life this week?

  1. Get others involved

Get a loved one involved, whether it be as an accountability buddy in getting some things done, or just a good friend to do something fun with on a regular basis!

If you struggle with spending time on yourself, do you have a friend that could meet up with you regularly and do something together? It could be a weekly or fortnightly walk, a monthly wine and dine evening… whatever you feel you could use to boost your health and happiness (and remember, health is a broad term, with lots of factors that can increase or decrease your wellbeing!).


When we do things together, as corny as it sounds, we often get better results. Is there a particular activity you’d like to incorporate once a week, a month, every  couple of months? Write it down, tell someone or invite someone to join in and book it in!

I hope you find these three tips useful in moving you towards a well-balanced lifestyle. I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you do to create a sense of balance in your life? (I do love a red wine… maybe I should book that in every now and then…) Share and let me know below or on the Facebook or Instagram page!

Kate x

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