What does a Health & Nutrition Coach eat? A One Day Food Diary & Review

Food diary of a Nutrition Coach.

What does a Health & Nutrition Coach eat? A One Day Food Diary & Review

What does a health and nutrition coach eat

As a health / nutrition / lifestyle coach, some people might think health coaches only ever eat fruit, vegetables and whole-grains. Well, that’s not the case here.

I eat healthy food and as a food and nutrition lover, I’m naturally conscious of the foods I eat. I consider if the food will give me energy, or make me feel flat, or if it will benefit me nutritionally or not do me much good. I consider if I am eating a wide enough selection of foods and like to ensure I am eating sources of protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals (among other things).

Plus, I have a sincere love for chocolate and can’t imagine getting to the end of the day without having a little something nice. All in moderation, I say!

Food Diary of a Health & Nutrition Coach

Not too long ago I decided to note down what I ate for one full day. It’s not something I generally do, but can be a useful tool to help you become more aware of what you are eating and your eating habits in general.

The following demonstrates my attitude towards healthy eating. It shouldn’t be a rigid, strict practice, but rather food and eating should be an enjoyable thing, pursuing variety, balance and moderation in the foods that you eat.  I’m not a health freak, but I make sure I include a few daily habits to feel good and give me energy.


About half a litre of warm water with a small squeeze of lemon

Oats with water, soy milk, one medium banana, cinnamon, and a sprinkle of bran and muesli on top



A piece of toast with Vegemite, hummus, cheese and a sprinkle of chilli (so good!) and a green tea

A small piece of lasagne, a few pieces of skinless chicken and couscous salad, with a dollop of hummus and a peppermint tea



Two soft tortilla wraps with mushroom, spring onion, red capsicum, cheese and leaf mix

One beetroot cupcake with a dollop of Greek yoghurt and a crushed up chocolate-raspberry Tim Tam on top

Peppermint tea


Thoughts and reflections 

Starting the day with warm water can be easier on the body to digest and I find it easier to drink than cold water. This helps you kick off your day hydrated and can help you wake up faster. I tend to have oats every morning and love having some banana on top. I’ve been conscious lately of the amount of banana I use, as bananas contain a fair amount of natural sugar and provide a good hit of energy, and usually add one small banana. Cinnamon is my favourite spice and I love adding it to breakfast dishes and coffee. It can play a role in assisting metabolism too, which is a positive. I am genuinely surprised I did not have a coffee on this day!

I am pretty happy with my vegetable intake for this day, getting some salad and Mediterranean style veggies in at lunch and a few more in at dinner. I feel the benefits of eating lots of fresh veggies and definitely feel more energised when I get a range of veggies in throughout the day.

Greek yoghurt is a brilliant addition to breakfast, snacks and desserts and this was a little cheeky dessert. I’m pleased to say I was able to stop at one Tim Tam!

I hope that’s given you some good insight into the world of a health and wellness coach! It’s not about restricting yourself to no fat, no sugar, no carb eating; it’s about enjoying a range of foods to get the nutrients your body needs.

Do you tend to eat the same foods each day? Which ones do you love? Let me know below! (Mine are oats, banana and Greek yoghurt!)

Kate x

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