Healthy Mindset: Flip Your Thoughts To Move You Towards A Healthier Lifestyle

Healthy Mindset: Flip Your Thoughts To Move You Towards A Healthier Lifestyle

If there’s one thing I’m glad to put behind me it would be my teenage brain. It was probably full of confidence-crushing, negative thoughts, highly influenced by my well-meaning friends, peers and the world. As I got older, I became more interested in having healthy, positive thoughts, because thoughts feed into our decisions, our words, our actions… Thoughts can hold a lot of power in our lives.

Creating a healthy mindset: flip your thoughts to move you towards a healthier lifestyle

Thinking healthier thoughts can really make a difference to how we see ourselves and the world around us. Mental health is such a crucial part of wellness. It’s not about wearing rose-coloured glasses and pretending things are great when they are not. It’s about being positive, seeing the good in the situations we find ourselves in and having belief in yourself and treating yourself well.

I’ve put together a few examples of thoughts that can pop up in our heads, as well as a “flipped thought”; an alternative thought that you might like to practice thinking to yourself as a replacement thought / comment.


(…to exercise, read, meditate, pray, plan my day, make my lunch…) ”

Are there areas in your health that you want to improve, a healthy habit you’d like to incorporate into your day? I suppose the real question is, how important is it to you? Is it enough of a priority that you would get up 15 or 30 minutes earlier in the morning to get it happening?

If you do want to get up earlier, and utilise that time to perhaps make healthy lunches, do some exercise, or another type of healthy practice, it is possible!

Try these:

“Doing ________ is a priority for me, so I will sacrifice and get up a little earlier to get it done”

“Living a healthy lifestyle is important to me and I can do whatever I put my mind to”

“Good health and feeling good is a priority in my life”


We all get the same amount of hours per week. Where do you spend yours? Do your hours spent reflect your true priorities in life, or do they need adjusting?

Try these:

“I want to feel good and live a long, healthy life, so I find the time to exercise”

“I can find time each week to move my body by planning my exercise in advance”

“I feel great after I’ve exercised and it puts me in a good mood”


Stress and worrying can become such an ingrained habit, it’s not an easy thing to break out of. But, it is possible to reduce your stress levels. I don’t want to dismiss highly stressful situations that might be happening in your life. But if you are finding yourself highly stressed or worried about little everyday things, that might be something to look into further (if you are finding yourself in a situation like this and feel you need support in this area, please speak to your GP about ways in which you can receive assistance).

Does stress make your life better? Is it worth working yourself up about or getting upset about? How can we maintain healthy stress levels and good health and wellbeing so that we don’t fall into a heap the next time something goes wrong (something for you to think about)?

Try these:

“My body wasn’t designed to be kept in a stressed state. I choose to let go of everyday stresses and worries that I don’t need and do not serve me”

“I let go of offences and the daily little things that try to steal my joy. I forgive those that have hurt me and I move on”

“Stressful situations happen; I choose to respond to them with grace, acceptance and calmness, and enjoy the rest of my day as much as possible”

I hope you’ve found these examples useful, and perhaps one particular example is relevant for you. Feel free to try a few of the flipped thoughts that you feel could benefit you. Change them around to suit you and give yourself time and space to incorporate these healthier thoughts into your life.

Maybe these example thoughts or phrases sound a little corny, but if you get into a habit of thinking and saying positive, healthy messages to yourself, you will see changes. It might take time to really believe what you are saying, but you’ll get there if you stick to it! Letting go of negative, toxic thoughts is a process and takes time. Be easy on yourself and commit to healthier thoughts for a healthier future.

If you found a particular example resonated with you, let me know in the comments below :-)

Kate x

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