Do something that scares you a little (and how mindset is crucial)


A couple of weeks ago I decided to book into an exercise class that I really didn’t want to do. Well, obviously in some ways I did, but I was not looking forward to this class!

Not only was this class difficult; the first time (and only time) I did the class, I left thinking that the instructor was bordering on insane. She just did not stop… I didn’t realise how many lunges one human being could do in an hour!

Enter my brain, if you will, for just a moment as I run through some thoughts I had around doing the class. Maybe you’ll find that you can relate!

A few days before

In an effort to get my exercise in for the week around other commitments, I would logically sign up for this class. To make matters more interesting, this was the only class that a space was available. With the instructor who really, really likes lunges.

Kate, I can’t do this class (I say to myself). Surely I’ll get a cramp or my muscles will pop and I’ll do damage.. 

I sign up for the class, hoping someone would drop out of one of the other classes…

Before class

I don’t want to do this class. It was SO difficult last time!

I tell myself to remember to breathe during the class… off we go…

After class

Hmm…. well that was great! A good challenge, and I seem to have more strength than last time!

…Why did it bother me so much in the first place?

What I learned

Often things aren’t as difficult as they may seem. We get caught up in our head, tempted to recall the times we have struggled in this area previously. We get tempted to dwell, to change our mind and not do whatever it is that we actually would like to do.

The moral of the story is that if you never try, you never know. Most of the time, when you go do anything new it’s never as daunting as you initially thought it would be. Sometimes we just need to put the fear of the unknown in the back of our minds and if we can, speak to someone who has done that particular thing before.

Recall why you wanted to try that particular activity / food / routine / healthy habit in the first place. For a challenge? For better health?

Here’s my suggestion

Book it in. Don’t think about it again until the time comes (easier said than done, but some people are great at this), and then see how you go.

Even if it doesn’t go to well… does it matter? You can be proud of giving something new a go, and you mind even find your new favourite thing!

Kate x

What’s something you’ve wanted to try but have been putting off? I’d love to hear about it – let me know in the comments below!

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