New Year Resolutions & Goal Setting

New Year Resolutions & Goal Setting

New Year Resolutions

We are about to head into a new year and with that can come the excitement of a fresh, brand new year.

Did you set goals in 2016? I’ve always been a goal-setter, but that hasn’t always meant I’ve achieved all of my goals. There’s been times when I’ve set too many and they’ve been forgotten about completely!

So how can we set ourselves up for the win when it comes to goals and New Year resolutions?

How many goals should I have?

It can be easy to write down a whole bunch of goals. But realistically, you will be able to focus more easily on a few goals rather than pages and pages!

So how many should you have? It terms of big broad goals, I’d suggest having 3-5 goals for the year. These can be broken down into mini goals or steps so you can more easily see how you can achieve that big goal..

How do I write my goal to make sure it sticks?

Give yourself the best chance of achieving your goals by including all the details.

Write your goals SMART:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Time-bound

For example: I will go for a moderately paced walk around the park track for 30 minutes on Mondays and Thursdays after work.

Another example: I will prepare lunches (e.g. soup) for the work week on Sunday and sort portions into containers.

Should my goals be short-term or long-term?

You can have a mix of realistic short term and long term goals. A goal such as losing weight is ideally a long term goal. A lot of goals are useful to have as long term goals, such as exercising two or three times a week. It takes time to build in a habit and to keep it going.

A short-term goal would typically be for one to three months, whereas a long-term goal would generally be for one year or more.

Some goals can be achieved within a small time-frame. Others may take longer to ensure they stick.

For most of my own goals I tend to take a long term approach to, as I want to create healthy practices that become part of my lifestyle for good, not just for a season.

But what if I fail?

At least you tried! At least you’ve worked out what you’d like to do or what you’re ideal lifestyle would look like. You’ve identified things that would make your life better, more enjoyable, healthier. Who cares if you didn’t exactly hit the target straight away, because you’re on your way.

All the very best for 2017! See you in the new year for more health & wellness posts and inspiration.

Kate x

Would love to hear if something in this post got you inspired. Let me know your thoughts of 2017 resolutions in the comments below!

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