Four tips for healthy glowing skin

Four tips for healthy glowing skin 


Our face can say so much about us and where we find ourselves at. They can reflect whether we have been taking care of ourselves, getting enough sleep, and give people an idea of if we’re feeling refreshed… or not! They can reflect the weariness or joy of a mother with a newborn, or the stress or excitement of a new job.

Rather than try to cover up our (potentially) tired faces with make-up or tell you to go on relaxing holidays so you are regularly refreshed, I’m going to take you through four tips for healthy skin that are realistic and that you should see some good results from within a short space of time.


Four tips for healthy glowing skin

1. Carry a drink bottle everywhere.

We are advised to drink about 2 litres of water each day. That does not include lattes, my friend! Are you in a habit having a glass of water with each meal, or do you tend to forget about drinking water during the day? It’s easy to do.

Water helps us rid toxins from our body, can have a moisturising effect on skin and help to build skin cells, as well as assisting the transport of nutrients in the body. 

One way to avoid forgetting to drink water throughout the day is to always have a water bottle with you! You could also keep a bottle at work and in the car, so where-ever you go, you’ve got water easily accessible.

2. Sweat it up a few times a week

Building up a sweat, whether through exercise or taking a warm, steamy bath can be a healthy practice for our skin.

But my skin always feels and looks smoother after a bath or steam. Sweating is also thought to be useful in preventing blemishes and clearing toxins.

If you needed some extra motivation to build up a sweat next time at the gym, well there you go!



3. Get enough rest.

You’ve heard this one time and time again. Get your sleep on! But not only sleep, also REST.

When I talk about rest, I’m talking about having time out. Wind down time. Bringing in boundaries and routines that help you relax. In this world, it is incredibly easy to become wound-up, stressed, bunched-up…  we can forget how useful rest and relaxation can be for us. But have you noticed that stress breeds more stress? You start to worry and fret about things you usually wouldn’t and can start rushing around, feeling like saving time by doing so. 

Before I go off on a tangent here, think about one person in your world who seems to exude an attitude of peace, rest and ease. Often these people appear beautiful to us, and might have a certain “glow” about them that we can’t explain from a physical point of view.

Do you take time out? Do you have at least one night at home each week to not do anything, without an expectation of achieving anything?

4. Don’t wash your face in the morning.

Give it a try, don’t be scared! I’ve heard a few professionals in the beauty world talk about just splashing a little water on your face in the morning to keep the good oils in, rather than stripping away those healthy oils by washing your face.

I’ve followed this routine for a few years now and for me, it’s only helped my skin stay clear and give it a little glow. 

It might feel weird at first, but I’m not the only one that it has worked for!

Give your skin a good wash in the evening, making sure it’s nice and clean for bed, and ready to glow after a little water in the morning.

A final word.

The healthiest glow comes from within. Not only does it come from eating fresh, nutritious foods, getting your rest and sleep, using products that are kind on your skin, or drinking water. It comes from a healthy spirit. It comes from a place of self-acceptance. Don’t forget to take care of yourself and your mental and emotional health; these things are far more important than what’s on the surface.

Kate x

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