Do you need to set some healthy boundaries in your life?

Do you need to set some healthy boundaries in your life?

Healthy Boundaries

“Too much of a good thing”. Have you heard this phrase before?

Setting up boundaries can sound like a painful, restrictive and boring exercise. But, if you take a look at those around you who are having some success in their health, exercise regime, nutrition or any other area of life, it’s likely that they are keeping some good habits in place, and moving some not-so-good habits out of their lifestyle.

Do you need to set some healthy boundaries in your life?

A core purpose of boundaries is not about saying ‘no’ to some things, but more about saying ‘yes’ to the things you want to continue doing because they serve you well. It could be an early bed time, a healthy dessert option, or meditation in the morning. Activities that you believe are benefiting your health and wellbeing, and want to keep doing.

Keeping focused on the things you want to continue doing is more likely to keep you motivated than focusing on the things you DON’T want to continue. Rather than focus on the negative habits and how much you want them out of your life, think of a healthier habit that can REPLACE the negative habit.

For example, I love chocolate and I could easily eat it every day. But I also really like having a healthier dessert, such as yogurt and fruit, in the evenings. To do so, when I go shopping I automatically buy some yoghurt and fruit, so that these are on hand if I feel like a dessert. I’m not sure about you, but I am a visual person, so I will put these options in a position in the fridge where it’s impossible for me not to see the healthier options staring at me!

Boundaries can be applied to a huge number of areas in life. In allowing the right kind of people into your life (e.g. having positive, encouraging, supportive friends), letting go of unhelpful or unrewarding activities, or ensuring you stick to your defined work hours.

Let’s have a look at boundaries for four significant areas in life:

Emotional boundaries

I see this area as core when it comes to boundaries. Have a think about who you spend your time with and how they make you feel. What about the TV shows you watch or the media that you pay attention to that you know is not healthy or helpful?

There are particular TV shows I haven’t watched because I know they might knock around with particular emotions. The aim is to be aware of what things are most healthy for you, and to do more of those instead of activities that would drain you or leave you not feeling great. 

Social boundaries

Are you conscious of the time you spend being with friends or at social events?

Personally, I’m quite aware of my own social limits and when my social tank is full. It usually means I’m ready for some quiet time at home!

Sometimes our own social limits change; for a time we might relish being out and about often, and other times crave time at home or by ourselves.

What’s your social tank like? Is it full, or would you like to more time with friends and meeting new people?


This is a lovely place to recharge (in the depths of the Dandenong Ranges, VIC).

Work / volunteering boundaries

Are you comfortable with doing overtime, or would you prefer to say no?

Perhaps you’re involved in a volunteering position. Do you know where the boundary lines lie? Do you feel like your role stays within those boundaries, or do you feel you’re taking on more than you can handle?

The best thing to do is communicate your needs in a pro-active manner. Don’t wait until you’re exhausted to speak up. You have a right to be honest and work in healthy environments.

Physical boundaries

Do you get to bed at a similar time most nights? Do you allow enough time for a good night’s sleep so you feel refreshed in the morning?

Do you carve out time for yourself for rest at home and exercise each week?

Don’t forget to prioritise some time for yourself when setting out into a new week. The investment into yourself always pays off!

So, how are you feeling about the idea of healthy boundaries?

Do you already have some healthy boundaries set up, intentionally or unintentionally? Or do you feel you need some work in this area?

I’d love to hear about your ideas and how you’re going to implement a boundary line in a particular area in your life. Comment below, email or comment on a Facebook or Instagram photo and let me know. This topic fascinates me!

Kate x

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