Rested and refreshed, or overwhelmed and burned out?

Rested and refreshed, or overwhelmed and burned out?


I have some questions for you. Now, be honest!

Are you feeling overbooked, overwhelmed… overstimulated?

Do you compare yourself to others and think “Well, they seem to do even more than me, so surely I can manage this amount”?

Do you feel like you’re going from one thing to another, without having much time in between to rest, or simply just process the events of the day?

Read on.

For a few months now, I’ve been unravelling and exploring different topics including boundaries, expectations, overwhelm, burnout and anxiety. These are areas that I’ve seen others experience, or that I’ve experienced to some degree.

As I’ve studied in and am qualified in different areas of health (public health, nutrition, holistic health) and run a health business, I’m always on the look out to prevent any health issues of my own, rather than treat them once they have come about. I’m far from perfect in my own journey of health (a little too fond of chocolate, and not fond at all of running!), but when a health issue or area begins to make itself known, you’ll find me learning about how to best avoid that situation / result and how to best manage it, should it be the case.

The questions I’ve posed to you above are questions that help me check in with myself on a regular basis. They help me work out if the health practices I’m doing are helping, or if I need more time for self-care. I hope that you can take something useful from this blog post that you can use as a marker, or a signal that perhaps an area of your health needs more love and care.


What commitments do you have?

It’s important to regularly have a think about your commitments, and if they are working out for you and serving you well.  Are you doing too much, or could you just use a little break from one or two of them for a while? This is most difficult when you feel all of your commitments are health-boosting and feed your passions!

For a long time I thought I could continue to do all of my commitments, socialising and ideals, and all the time. I thought that by doing so would bring me the most joy; to be busy, be around great people, to push myself.

But I slowly started to feel overwhelmed. Thankfully, I started mentioning this feeling to the closest people in my life, which helped me take it more seriously. I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t manage everything. It was “normal” for people to be busy and work, and then do something or go somewhere every week night and on the weekends (or so I thought).

I started to get a little resentful of these events that I felt I “had” to go to. I had forgotten that it was MY choice to go there; nobody was forcing me.

To cut this story short, I started backing off and taking things a little easier. I decided that going to the gym twice a week would be enough. I stopped going to every single social opportunity that I was invited to, but instead went to the ones that I was comfortably able to fit in. I stopped going out so late, opting to be home earlier so I could get a decent amount of sleep. I started creating additional healthy routines and having more moments in quietness and silence throughout the day. I stopped going from thing to thing, filling my whole day with stimulation – talking, listening to music, listening to podcasts. I started having a little more balance in each day and taking one day at a time. There’s a verse in the bible that sums it up well:

“So don’t be anxious about tomorrow. God will take care of your tomorrow too. Live one day at a time.” (Matt 6:34 TLB)

The process of cutting down on all the stuff I was doing in life was not easy! I didn’t want to cut down on the time I spent with my loved ones and wider social circle. I didn’t want to miss out on exciting events and opportunities. But now I am at a place where I want to be fresh when I am with loved ones and friends. I don’t want to be tired, or grumpy, or not really be present, wishing I was home resting while I’m out with friends. It’s a lesson for me in how to be as present as I can in each moment.

Are there some areas in your life that you need to re-evaluate? Do you feel there’s too much on your plate, or do you feel there’s a nice sense of balance right now?

Kate x

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