How to stay fit & well during the winter months

How to stay fit & well during the winter months
How to stay fit and well during the winter monthsHow to stay fit & well during the winter months

It’s getting colder and the desire to go outside, exercise and eat lots of fresh fruit and veggies can be a CHALLENGE at this time of year! That’s why it is important to do some thinking ahead to make sure that you can continue feeling healthy and fit through the colder months.

Here are FOUR STRATEGIES to ensure you stay feeling your best during winter:

1. Get outside!

I know it’s tempting to stay inside as much as possible when it is cold and windy out there, BUT fresh air and sunshine (even that light coming through the clouds!) WILL do you good! The fresh air will wake you up and get you out of a potentially stuffy building, and it’s still important to get a little vitamin D throughout the year (which helps you absorb calcium). So, for your next lunch break consider making a deal with yourself to get out there for a brisk walk. Don’t forget your scarf!

2. Avoid eating sweets at work / during work hours

If your workplace tends to get out the chocolates or warm treats during the colder months, this is the time to exercise that self-discipline muscle! BUT, here’s the trick; it’s not just about withholding with no reward! If you want to stop one habit, it’s a good idea to REPLACE it with another.

For example, your previous habit of eating a handful of sweets at work during the day is then replaced by having two pieces of dark chocolate after dinner. Consider where your habit could be slightly improved. If you make the change a smooth one, moving towards a habit that’s a little better than the previous one, then you’re making progress.


Goodbye old friend, I’ve acclimatised to 70%  dark chocolate now…

3. Look for new and different activities to do.

Try a different class at your gym, or give a few FREE TRIALS a go to see if there’s something you like. How about indoor rock climbing, a dance class (how about hip hop?) or playing an indoor sport with some friends who want to stay fit during winter too, such as squash, basketball or netball?

4. If you are desperate for a sweet treat, make it yourself.

By making a cheeky treat yourself, you will know EXACTLY what is in it and can ADJUST recipes to make them a little healthier. Consider alternative sugars, oils, or use dark chocolate instead of dairy chocolate, or Greek yoghurt instead of cream or milk.

Do you have any of your own strategies to make it through winter feeling energised and nourished? Please let us know in the comments below!

Kate x

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