Five morning stretches to energise and get your day started

Five morning stretches to energise and get your day started
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Have you been keen to do some stretching, but don’t know where to start?

I make sure I have a quick stretch each day. Even if it’s just a few minutes each day, it can have a positive impact on your posture, flexibility, muscle strength and blood flow.

I prefer to stretch in the morning.  A quick stretch can help you wake up mentally, get your body warmed up and wake up your muscles, and help you feel invigorated for the day. It’s amazing how small routines can make a big difference, especially in winter!

Here’s a quick guide incorporating five basic stretches to get you going.

Five morning stretches to energise and get your day started

Hold each stretch for up to 30 seconds. If you wish to repeat the same action, have a small break between each stretch. Please take care when stretching; be gentle with yourself and do not force. You should get a pleasant sensation, but no pain. To learn more about stretching, consider finding a personal trainer or exercise physiologist who can help you further.

1. Stand up and stretch on your tip-toes

Without overly straining your shoulders, stand up and stretch up your arms to the sky. Stand on your tip-toes and reach up! Feel the stretch from your toes to your finger tips.

Stand Up Stretch


2. Lying down stretch

Pretend you’re trying to touch the wall behind you with the tips of your fingers and your toes trying to touch the wall in front, stretching your body as much as you comfortably can. You might like to wiggle your toes and fingers too. Enjoy it!

Lying Down Stretch


3. Roll in in a ball 

Bring your legs to your chest, hugging your legs in. Always a great feeling. Lie on your back and bring your knees to your chest, interlacing your hands over your shins. Keep your body tightly together and gently rock from side to side, massaging your back.

Hug Your Knees


4. Hip stretch

Lie down on the floor and hold each elbow with the opposite arm behind your head. Splay your knees out, keeping your feet together.


Hip Stretch


5. Gentle side stretches

Sit with legs crossed and gently have one arm for support to your side, slightly away from the body. Extend your other arm slightly over your head, and feel a gentle sensation along the side of your body. Repeat on both sides.

Side Stretch


Enjoy stretching your body and feeling the benefits in being able to move your body more freely and with more ease.

Kate x

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