NYC: Where to eat, sleep & wander in the Big Apple

NYC: Where to eat, sleep & wander in the Big AppleNYC

NYC: Where to eat, sleep & wander in the Big Apple

I had the pleasure of visiting New York City earlier this year for a quick holiday. Eight nights in NYC… it was a DREAM!

Apart from staying in a dodgy area in Brooklyn, I wouldn’t have had the trip any other way (all the AirBnb reviews were amazing, but hey, I got the true NYC experience!).

Without further ado, here’s my suggestions for an amazing (and somewhat healthy) holiday in the New York!


Head to the upper west side for Zucker’s Bagels. Not only will you be greeted by friendly staff, their bagels were the best I found in NYC!

When you need a break from bagels… Pret a Manger is a nice, simple spot where you can eat something fairly healthy and fresh. No fuss food (think sandwiches and soups) for when you need a moment away from the bustling streets and need some nutritious food!



OK fellow coffee lovers, head over to these great spots for your daily hit!

  • City of Saints Coffee Roasters (great place to hang out solo)
  • Stumptown Coffee Roasters (get your book out while sipping on your hot brew)
  • Bluestone Lane (drink your coffee & eat your avo toast while watching everyone rush off to work!)

I was keen to get to Laughing Man coffee, so if you’re heading to NYC and try it, let me know if it’s as good as it sounds (It’s a coffee shop with a good cause!).



Want to get your power walk on? Here’s my top spots!

  • Take a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge

Take time to walk over the bridge and take in the views. Also good for people watching! Start from the Brooklyn side and after you’ve walked over, why not head to spot number two…

  • Walk down 5th avenue

It’s a LONG avenue, my friends! Power walk through and do some window shopping.

  • Get lost in Central park

I visited Central Park three times during my visit. As you might have heard, it is MASSIVE and if you only get to visit once, allow a few hours to take a good look around.  I power walked my way through each time, trying to soak it all in and visit the vastly different areas within the park.

brooklyn bridge


Get your sleep in this busy city; holidaying in NYC can get tiring!

I suggest staying in Manhattan or just over the Brooklyn Bridge. Perhaps don’t do as I did, avoiding to go too far out of the city. From my experience, I reckon it’s worth paying the higher price to be closer to the city.


Take a slow walk around Manhattan to see the houses (like the Sex and the City Steps!).

Wander around MoMa. MoMA was my FAVOURITE NYC art museum! Beautifully set up, with a HUGE variety of pieces… set aside a few hours to explore!


Carry nuts, dark chocolate and muesli bars to keep you going. I brought some along with me on the trip, and did find it difficult to find much choice for healthy snack options in the Big Apple!

I also found it a little difficult to find fresh fruit. If you find a corner store, I recommend grabbing a few pieces when you have the opportunity. We are used to having lots of huge supermarkets around in Oz… not so much the same situation in NYC!

And one more thing…


You’ll be darting around from place to place, from one side of the city to the other. There is SO much to explore!

Have you been to NYC? Would love to know your fave spots!

Kate x

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