“Working with Kate was wonderful. She really helped me to assess my current health and energy levels and come up with a ‘can-do’ plan to turn things around. She was really supportive, open and encouraging and I felt safe sharing my thoughts with her. I already feel more energised and clear in my body and mind. I look forward to applying the healthy habits we set together into my life so I can be more productive in my business and overall. Thanks Kate!”

Jenna Black, Sydney AUS.  Business Coach at www.jennaleeblack.com

Elle testimonial page

“Through working with Kate I was able to set tangible goals to help create more balance in my health and wellbeing. My sessions with Kate were a safe, ‘no-judgement’ area, where I was able to realistically assess where I was at, and how I can improve my health. Being healthy is important to me, as it allows me to keep up my energy levels, even when I’m at my busiest in business. Kate helped me to create a practical plan of action that I have no trouble implementing in order to feel more enlivened throughout my day-to-day activities.”

Elle Lynn, Creative Director at jujucreativehub.com

“Kate has given me the grounding and support I needed to start the year with the right wellness mindset and create clarity on how I will achieve my goals. Kate is warm, intelligent, centred, wise and committed. I recommend dropping Kate a line if you are looking for an uncomplicated, effective coaching support structure to get or keep you on track”.

Shalini Samuel, Melbourne AUS. UNPRI / Director of the Global Women’s Project

“Whilst meeting with Kate I had a fantastic time learning about healthy practical changes I could make to my lifestyle to reach my goals. I would highly recommend Kate as she is very passionate, knowledgeable and motivating”.

Jessica, Melbourne AUS


Kate has a great knowledge of food, nutrition and overall wellbeing. She is relatable to a wide variety of groups and makes her information accessible, interesting and exciting for everyone! Her enthusiasm for inspiring wellbeing in others is infectious whist also clear and without any “fluff”.”

Rebecca, Melbourne AUS

Rachel Testimony Invigoate Wellness

“Fun, relaxed, informative, insightful, engaging. Kate is patient and knowledgeable. I would recommend Kate to all my friends.”

Rachel, Melbourne AUS

“Kate is a gifted wellness coach… She is positive, vibrant, articulate, intelligent, friendly & extremely easy to deal with.  Kate has helped me with my coaching requirements & I would highly recommend her to others requiring a coach”.  

R. Cipriano, Melbourne AUS

“I had the pleasure of working with Kate and found her very engaging and knowledgeable. I would recommend her as I found that from working with her, I’ve got increased motivation and direction in achieving my goals.”   

A. Bergen, Melbourne AUS

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