The Careful Spender’s Guide to Smart Food Shopping & Healthy Eating

Do you want to eat more nutritious food and increase your energy levels, but aren’t confident in being able to choose the right foods?

Would you like to eat better at home, and would like to know WHAT to buy when you go food shopping without hours of research and prep work?

The Careful Spender’s Guide to Smart Food Shopping & Healthy Eating

This bundle explores how to eat better at home and get the most out of your supermarket shop, which foods you should be looking out for to include in your regular shop, and also provides a suggested shopping list to make your supermarket shops quick and easy!

√  Eat more nourishing foods (that you can buy from the supermarket!)

√  Improve your energy levels

√  Feel better physically and emotionally

√  Simple and effective nutrition kick-starter

√  Basic, easy-to-use resources

 Nutritious Essentials Food List

The Careful Spender’s Guide to Smart Food Shopping & Healthy Eating includes:

  • “The Nutritious Essentials Food Shopping List” (Three page PDF print-out)

  • “The Healthy Food Shopper’s Guide to Understanding Food Products”

    • Gain an understanding of different food sections in the supermarket and in choosing the healthiest product

    • 12 page ebook

  • “Strategies for getting the most out of your supermarket shopping” (Six page PDF)

Understanding Food Products

What will you get out of this pack?

  • Reduce the frequency and amount of time spent in the supermarket trying to decide on what to buy.

  • Save money on your shopping by being able to better manage your shopping list

  • Increased confidence in knowing what to buy when you food shop.

  • Avoid temptations by stocking up on healthy options at home.

  • Peace of mind and ease in knowing you’re feeding your body with nutritious, naturally energising foods.

  • Feel more awake, alive and reduce any nasty food-related mood swings (e.g. sugar hits!)

  • More ease in planning meals and foods that you’ll need for the week.

Healthy Food Shopping