Nourishing Fridge + Pantry Overhaul

Fridge Pantry Overhaul Audit
Nourishing fridge and pantry overhaul

Want a fridge and pantry full of foods that you enjoy eating and are nourishing to your body? 

Healthy Fridge Audit

My philosophy on food

Food is something I receive so much joy from. When eating is balanced, with appropriate portion sizes, incorporating lots of different foods and never depriving or excluding foods and bringing in foods that offer nutritional value, eating can be healthy, enjoyable, fun experience.

I’m calling it #‎happyfood. It’s food that is nutritious and that fills you with joy! Everything I eat is happy food. Do I feel good about eating it? Do I feel good after eating it?

I want everyone to know, especially women, that they can enjoy the foods they love to eat within a healthy lifestyle. It’s not impossible. Sometimes the small tweaks that we can make to create a healthier meal or snack are hardly noticeable, but can have such a beneficial effect on our body.

I want people to fall in love with food, to see food as their friend. Food that serves their body but also their mind. Through food we can care for ourselves and love ourselves, and when we care for ourselves well, we can then learn to extend that care and love to others.


What is the overhaul?

The overhaul is an uncomplicated, straightforward service for busy people who want to ensure their fridge and pantry is full of products that are nutritious and serve them well.

You will be provided with a one page report, outlining three categories:
– Key items to KEEP
– Key items to THROW OUT
– Product suggestions for HEALTHIER ALTERNATIVES (e.g. peanut butter made with a higher % of peanuts)

You will also receive some information on WHY these foods are nutritious or not-so-nutritious.

Freezer Audit Sample Photo

“The audit process was SO EASY and the feedback was really helpful! I loved that Kate highlighted not only what could be improved but also what I was doing well.  The extra information that was provided gave me a really good insight into why I should eat certain food groups and the benefits they have for my body- it definitely made me more motivated to make some positive changes!” Phillipa B, Melbourne

Three steps to a healthier, happier fridge and pantry

1. Put through your order for an overhaul from
2. Send in up to 10 clear photos from your fridge, freezer and pantry to with a screenshot of your purchase
3. Receive your one-page overhaul report within two weeks and begin your overhaul! Keep, throw and exchange items for healthier versions for a yummy, nutritious fridge & pantry!

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