The Invigorated Life

The Invigorated Life: 100 simple strategies to create a healthy, productive and energised lifestyle:


The Invigorated Life: 100 Simple Strategies to Create a Healthy, Productive & Energised Lifestyle

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The InvigoraThe_Invigorated_Lifeted Life is not just about health and wellness. It’s about the practical application of all the things we know we should do, but aren’t doing. From nutrition, to stress management, to relationships, it’s all in there, in simple, bite-sized steps that are achievable for anyone – even workaholics, busy mums, or stressed-out students. The brainstorm sections make it easy to reflect on what we’re doing and what we could do to live and feel even better.” Samantha, Health Writer & Nutritionist

If you want to create a more vibrant, energetic lifestyle and get more stuff done, The Invigorated Life is a great resource to give you the kick-start you need.   Good health is not as hard to achieve as you might think… It’s about making small changes, at your own pace.

Ready to feel less tired, and more alert and alive?

Want a more active lifestyle, without making drastic changes in your lifestyle?

Ready to let go of feeling mentally and physically drained all the time? To get to the end of day get that great feeling of ticking things off your to-do list?

“As soon as I saw it was available to buy I was like DONE! Loving it so far! Love all the little tips like prepping healthy snacks for the week on Sunday”. Angela, Melbourne

Who is this ebook for?

This ebook is useful for anyone of any age who wants improved energy and productivity levels, without spending huge dollars. 

This ebook will work for you if you’re after straightforward, effective strategies that you can implement into your lifestyle at your own pace. The Invigorated Life is filled with 100 practical ideas that you can start implementing today!

“I really love the structure and topics, and love that you can just read a bit at each time, rather than having to read cover to cover at once… Loved your priorities table! I am definitely going to use that… I really love your approach and think this is a valuable resource for EVERYONE! Well done on creating this.” Alix, recipe creator

Grab your copy of The Invigorated Life now for just $7.99

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This ebook is PACKED with evidence-based strategies to help you achieve improved mental, physical, social, environmental, and emotional health.

“Kate, your book has inspired me to be healthier. It provides me with many amazing tips to get me going in my daily life. I feel motivated to eat the foods that are nutritional for me but also to be motivated in my personal life as well. I found great reminders to be grateful and to stay positive throughout the day! I enjoyed reading your book and I will continue to re read it whenever I feel off the right path.”
Annealise Romero, Florida USA 


    • Building consistent habits

    • Healthy work habits and healthy workplace

    • Self-care practices and avoiding burn-out 

    • Managing stress levels

    • Organisation and productivity in work and life

    • Natural ways to increase your energy levels 

    • Creating healthy daily routines for physical & mental health

    • Creating balance & boundaries

    • Incorporating nutritious foods & snacks into everyday eating

    • Healthy mindset

      About Kate

      A degree in Health Promotion and Nutrition, plus certification and experience as a Health & Wellness Coach has provided the knowledge and tools to collate 100 simple, evidence-based energy-boosting strategies to get healthier, feel better and get more productive. 
      After working with and asking a range of women from varied ages and backgrounds what they needed more of, it became very clear. So many women want effective, easy-to-implement strategies to boost their energy levels and help them do what they love to do, better.

      From nutrition, to relationships, sleep, healthy routines, to healthy work spaces, this ebook can help you get on the right track, starting today.

      Grab your copy for only $7.99