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“Kate has a great knowledge of food, nutrition and overall wellbeing. Her enthuBecsiasm for inspiring wellbeing in others is infectious… I was able to gain some great tips and tricks from her supermarket workshop, which I have already incorporated into our weekly shopping routine easily and successfully.”  Rebecca, Melbourne 

Are you overwhelmed by the HUGE number of products available at the supermarket? Want to know the staples to include into the weekly shop, and what to leave out…Maybe you just don’t know where to start when it comes to the food shop…

If you want to become a confident supermarket shopper and know which food products to look for, come along to my Supermarket Superstar Workshop



The workshop has transformed my view of what it is to make good food purchasing choices. Kate meticulously explained what to look for in each aisle and made the experience fun and relatable. Because her advice was tailored to my lifestyle needs, I was able to clearly see there and then what to pick out, and what to leave on the shelf, in order to achieve my health and wellness goals. Kate’s honest, simple and guilt-free coaching method has left me excited about next weekend’s grocery shopping!  Shalini, Melbourne 


What is covered in the workshop:

  • Food products for your weekly basket and products to avoid

  • Suggestions for healthier alternatives and identifying products with higher nutritional benefit

  • Start building an understanding of food labels and ingredients lists

  • Foods you might eat regularly that really should be viewed as “treats”

  • The best options to choose for your next chocolate fix

  • Veggies and fruits: is fresh better than frozen?

  • The yoghurt debate: no fat or full fat / no sugar or natural sugar / light vs lite

I didn’t realise how misleading packaging and labels on products could be. There can be so many hidden sugars and salts in foods, but with Kate guiding me every step of the way I was able to make better sense of what a product was really made of and whether it would be healthy for me and my family. I feel that much more confident in choosing the most healthy options next time I’m shopping!”  Rachel, Melbourne
“I really enjoyed my day with Kate learning about food. It was great to confirm my knowledge about what’s healthy and what’s not, but also what to watch out for that can be hidden and difficult to understand. I discovered that some packaged food or even meat products what I thought would be OK, turned out to have hidden ingredients that could actually be bad for me. I am glad that I took the time to talk with Kate who was able to steer me in the right direction so that I can be more smarter about food and cooking.”  Candice, Melbourne


“[The workshop was fun, relaxed, insightful”  Rachel, Melbourne

You will also be emailed the following two printable resources to help you along after the workshop:

The Healthy Food Shopper’s Nutritious Essentials Food List


“Love the format. It’s easy to understand and appeals to a wide range of people” Rebecca, Melbourne

“Kate gives super simple and doable advice that anyone can achieve without feeling overwhelmed. Although laid back, these guides are packed with information and actionable tips. If you need someone to guide you towards healthier choices in a positive and uplifting way, Kate’s your girl!” Amber Magna, 

The Healthy Food Shopper’s Guide to Understanding Food Products & Making Healthy Choices


“Really thorough and interesting. Love the additional tips!” Rebecca, Melbourne

Kate’s writing is detailed, insightful and engaging; a real treat. I loved her advice on the best healthy breakfast options. Kate will take you through how to get the most out of your meals and what to avoid. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who wants to boost their health and wellbeing! Rachel, Melbourne

By the end of the session, I aim to have you feeling more comfortable in choosing healthy food items for your weekly shop, feel less stressed, equipped with practical knowledge and a sense of ease and even FUN in approaching your next food shop!

The workshop runs for around 60-70 minutes. Limited spaces are available so please book in advance; this is to provide an intimate and discussion-based tour, where you can ask lots of questions and relax (while picking up a few groceries, too!).

One on One Supermarket Workshops

Supermarket Superstar Workshops are offered primarily as one-on-one or workshops. Alternatively, contact Kate to organise a workshop with a friend and complete the workshop together!


I totally got this!

Ready to invest in your future health and nutrition?

Rachel Testimony Invigoate Wellness

“Kate’s wonderful supermarket tour was definitely one for the memory books! She created a fun, tranquil atmosphere where we were free to ask any questions we liked. She was patient, knowledgeable and gave us amazing tips on how to eat in moderation and balance healthy foods and drinks with yummy treats and snacks. Kate was fantastic at helping us navigate to the products that were the most natural and healthy out of the dozens of choices available. I came away from the workshop with a stronger understanding of nutritious food and how best to read packaging to maximise my health and wellbeing while avoiding hidden, processed ingredients! I would recommend these useful and informative tours to all my friends.” Rachel, Melbourne

“I thoroughly enjoyed my shopping workshop with Kate – she is really approachable and I felt comfortable asking all questions, regardless how silly I thought they were! I have now learnt how to read food packages better to make a healthier choice. I would recommend for anyone to do!”  Pip, Melbourne

To enquire further and book your place, email your details to

Please note: I have a university degree in health promotion, with a major completed in food and nutrition. While I am a qualified food coach, I  do not claim to be a nutritionist.

Anyone would benefit from this workshop because we all buy and eat food and want the best for ourselves and our loved ones. Being informed about what the best options to buy in supermarkets are will potentially save you money and definitely have a lasting benefit to your health and wellbeing.”  Rachel, Student