What is a wellness coach?

Wellcoaches USA describes a wellness coach as a:

“Credentialed health, fitness and mental health professional… who [coaches] clients on evidence-based areas of wellness – physical activity, nutrition, weight, stress, and life satisfaction…

Coaches provide expert guidance and advice when called for and where clients lack expert knowledge, only in the areas where they have professional credentials”.

(Wellcoaches Coaching Psychology Manual, 2010).

As a wellness coach, I do not judge or force. Rather, I support and guide you in playing the key role of responsibility in your health and wellbeing.

As a wellness coach, I will carefully listen to your thoughts and ideas, ask you lots of questions and explore areas with you that you’d like to delve deeper into.

We will explore weekly and three-monthly health & wellness goals, and create a plan of action. As your wellness coach, I will not impose goals on you, push you beyond their capabilities or make assumptions. Rather, I will empathise with your feelings and needs, keeping a positive attitude and explore your core values and desires.

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